The bane of Gaurav town, he is a master thief who singlehandedly ransacks the whole town and continually avoids capture (except for once, although he managed to "vanish" and escape). He was even reported to have robbed multiple houses at the same time, which earned him enduring fame. Due to his constant plight, the people of Gaurav soon gave up locking up their houses, remaining suspicious toward any outsider. When Reivier and Lunair come across the town, they are immediately captured as false victims. The people of Gaurav have already discovered that the Thief is an Aerian, and since Lunair is Aerian too, she remains in the cell, while Reivier is set free to prove their innocence. When the attempt fails (with their goods being stolen too), Lunair (in Reivier's form) starts searching outside the town and soon discovers that the Thief has been using a huge nexus of underground tunnels beneath the town to move unseen and dig his way through houses. She then finds the Thief's camp outside Gaurav, where he has been stacking all his loot. The Thief soon arrives and they engage in a fight, during which the Thief shows to have even higher reflexes than Lunair. She deducts that the Thief owes his legendary speed to quintessence, although an enhanced form because he can take the form of animals as well, making the fight even harder. After sparring with Lunair for a while, Reivier arrives and joins the fight, followed by the people of Gaurav. The Thief immediately flees the fight and disappears, leaving Gaurav for a time.

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